The arrival of a new baby or child is one of the most exciting events in a family’s life, whether by birth, adoption or the joining of families.  And it’s right to mark and celebrate this special occasion in a very personal and memorable way.

At your child’s Naming Ceremony we can give thanks for their life and their unique place in the world and we can formally give your child their names. With your family and friends we can publicly declare our commitment to nurture and care for your child in an atmosphere of love and support.  We can declare our hopes and wishes for your child using inspiring symbolic actions pictures, favourite music, toys, keepsakes and so much more.

We can involve siblings, grandparents, and special family members and friends too if that is appropriate to you. And you might want to choose one or two God Parents or Guide Parents who can make their special promises of love and care. If you or your families belong to different faiths or denominations, a Naming Ceremony can be the common ground that brings you closer together. The ceremony need not have any religious content or it could be tailored to include something of each faith represented.

“Martin had so many ideas to make our day really special and he always found the words that escaped us.” Mr P.F. Exmouth

"The whole 'perfect day' was just great and we are still living off the memory of it. We can't thank you enough for conducting our ceremony."Mr. & Mrs. W
"Thank you, Martin, for a truly beautiful service."Mrs A.N.
"Thank you so much for such a lovely service for my mother, Martin. You did it so well. ."Mrs. J.E.
"Martin allowed us to laugh, smile and cry managing to bring warmth, love and dignity to the saddest of occasions. The way he told her unique story helped us to reflect on the many happy elements of a life well lived ..."A.S
"Martin was able to paint a such a sensitive and detailed picture of our friend’s life, and captured the essence of who she was and what she meant to us all."A.S.
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